We can produce ceramic tiles no matter HUGE or SMALL buildings

KANO is a ceramic tile manufacturer. Almost all our products are custom-made. The every single tile piece is unique and slightly different from others.  Many of our tiles are installed in exterior and interior of buildings.  Ceramic tiles are one of the architectural materials with the longest life as people say that ceramic tiles keep for a century.  One of the characteristics of the ceramic tiles is that they get a distinct personality as time passes. Original ceramic tiles belonging only to you will gently cover buildings such as skyscrapers and the home of your dreams.  Why don’t you make original tile designed by you to show future generations?


Business Places

Head Office・Factory

1647-3 Kasahara-cho Tajimi-shi GIFU 507-0901
tel +81 572 43 3161  fax +81 572 43 3162

Accounting Department

2696-1 Kasahara-cho Tajimi-shi GIFU 507-0901
tel +81 572 43 3151  fax +81 572 43 3152

Tokyo Office

820 Rune-Gyoen Plaza 1-24-7
Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku TOKYO 160-0022
tel/fax +81 3 3359 9355

Hong Kong

Kano Ceramic Tile Co., Ltd (加納製陶有限公司)
Unit 1203, 12/F, Elite Industrial Centre, No.883
Cheung Sha Wan Road, Kowloon. Hong Kong
TEL +852 2311 4468   FAX +852 2311 4478