Radiation dosimetry : Our tiles are safe

Concerning about Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant.
Not only Japanese people but also all over the countries are worry about
Japanese product because of radioactive pollution.

We realized that we have no acknowledge about nuclear power plant. We also
have been confused because of discrepant information between Japan
and overseas countries.

My first impression from the news was “So how much damages do I get??”
because I have no idea about “becquerell”, “sievert”, “millisievert” nor
“microsievert”! You can see the difference in perception between a
spokesman of Tokyo Electric Power or the Nuclear and Industrial Safety
Agency and media. The one is specialized science and the other is art.
Experts has so much information in their head and that makes them difficult
to expain in easy words, doesn’t it? In addition, media has few specialized
knowledge, they got to a lot of trouble to write up in the newspaper.

As a result, my reliance on any information were losting, and doubts begot more doubts.

The biggest thing that make people feel uneasy is what is unknown.

There is various damage caused by harmful rumors or misinformation even in Japan.
Then it is natural to think customers abroad become anxious without much information
about; where Fukushima is, how far their business contacts are from the nuclear plant,
and what influence can be expected.

Of course, when hearing that the material of tile is clay, you would think about
the effect of radiation on it.

Seeing the current state of information, we come to think it’s our duty to
tell the present situation rightly and to offer safe materials to you.

We attach certificates of radiation dosimetry to our products for abroad.


These are issued from Industrial Technology Center, Gifu Prefectural Government.
Following some instances that inspection of industrial goods is requested by
customers, we decided to use the certification service forming a part of
Gifu Prefecture’s industry association.

Our company is located in Tajimi, where is 400 kilometers away from Fukushima.
The clay we use for our tile is produced in Seto, a neighboring city of Tajimi,
or partly in Bizen, where is 680 kilometers away from Fukushima.

We got our tiles and materials inspected, submitting both of those produced
before March 11th and those in April to the Center.

As a result, no radioactive contamination was detected in them.

Last of all, here is a link to the page with the forecast of radiation spreading.
Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant – cloud spread – air parcel trajectories (Weather Online)
Please check it out.


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